?? Lov Uhliská

Lesy, Lúky a Pasienky Uhliská



Dear fellow hunters,
Besides enchanting nature and recreational possibilities, the forests of Uhliská also offer true and unforgettable hunting experiences. Our hunting ground is located in the southwest of Slovakia at the foothills of Štiavnica mountains. It borders on the neighbouring Pukanec village, approximately 2-hour drive from Bratislava.



Here you can find the Zlatý Jeleň (Golden deer) cabin, an attractive and comfortable facility with the accommodation capacity of 15 persons. Our aim is to create pleasant and friendly atmosphere for our guests, and we will also gladly provide delicious food, good wine, and of course, Slovak beer. We are looking forward to welcome you in the beautiful and calm surroundings of the Zlatý Jeleň cabin, and we are sure that your hunting experience here will be memorable. As we wish one another in Slovakia, when we are setting out on a hunt. Enjoy hunting!
Genießen Sie die Jagd!

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Our hunting cabin is located in the centre of the forest within the hunting ground itself. The cabin provides attractive and comfortable accommodation in 12 rooms. Most of them are equipped with double beds. Our guests are welcome to use our bar and dining room decorated with original hunting trophies. The cabin is equipped with Wi-Fi internet connection. The cabin has a terrace and there is also a gazebo which can be freely used by our guests. Cars can be safely parked close to the cabin itself in a fenced car park.

Bc. Hubert Brašeň +421 914 688 888


Lišta ubytovanie
Price list - Cabin Golden Deer (Zlatý jeleň)
Accommodation capacity 12 rooms/18 beds
Contact: Zlatý Jeleň cabin 036/6347142
Accommodation 50eur / per person / per night
Dog 20 eur / per dog


Contact person:
Bc. Hubert Brašeň +421 914 688 888

Chata Zlatý jeleň

Uhliská 100

Telephone number: 00421 36 6347142

email: lesyuhliska@gmail.com

GPS: 48°24'03.7"N 18°44'24.3"E